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Minister Sales

Discussed personally
Working place:
Guangdong-Guangzhou-Liwan District
Recruiting number:
Job nature:
Years of working:
3-5 years
Education background:
Regular college
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Post description:
1. Responsible for product market development and sales of products, and implement and complete the annual sales plan of the company's products.
2. According to the company's marketing strategy, increase sales value, control costs, expand sales of products in the area under charge, actively complete sales volume indicators, and expand product market share;
3. Maintain good communication with customers and grasp customer needs in real time. Provide customers with initiative, enthusiasm, satisfaction and thoughtful service
4. Independently dispose of enquiries, quotations, negotiation of contract terms and contract signing according to the company's products, prices and market strategies. Coordinate and supervise the operations of various functional departments of the company during the execution of the contract.
5. Dynamically grasp market prices and provide market analysis and forecast reports and personal work weekly reports to the company on a regular basis.
6. Maintain and develop new sales channels and new customers.